3D Virtual Reality Suites

With the latest technological innovations, interactive displays and training can create a memorable experience. Businesses attempting to stay on the cutting edge of technology are able to use 3D Virtual Reality suites for interactive training. Museums and entertainment attractions engage motion tracking and immersive interaction as part of modern exhibits. For the best quality, one needs quality hardware and software for reliability and quality.

We, at ICD Solutions Inc., can install hardware and can also create the custom software interactive for VR interactive and training facilities.

Uses of Virtual Reality

  • VR suites can be installed in showrooms, museum exhibits or for the training rooms.
  • From single projection or multiple projection screens, content can be scaled and refreshed as needed.
  • Premium home entertainment with beyond theatre quality 3d projection systems.
  • The VR Training and Exhibit suites, with associated software, can be used for creating 3D images from various sources. Allow our team to create the assets for you or guide and train your team to create them.
  • As a sales tool, create 3d interactive graphics to show off your products. Recreate real life scenes in a training interactive to provide simulated training tasks.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a complete package. Listed here are only a few potential uses of VR and 3d enabled displays and all of it we can create custom for you. Create effective and clear communication with your clients, trainees or viewing public. Add interactivity with motion tracking and other input devices which we will configure. We develop apps for the Oculus Rift, 3d interactives and multi-projection screen installs. Facilities can also be complemented with the powerful sound systems, wireless microphones and many other accessories to further enhance your interactive or training environment.